Vincent Glon (1956-2011)

I regret to announce the death of my friend and colleague Vincent Glon in a motorcycle accident in Le Touquet on 24 April 2011. He was 54 years old and is survived by his wife Annick and son Antoine.

I corresponded with Vincent for 8 years and met him 4 times during this period. He was a true road racing enthusiast, a meticulous researcher and a true friend. He was one of the nicest men I ever met.

The project continues, in part as a tribute to Vincent, and I have uploaded his racingmemo website so that it cannot disappear when its original domain expires.

Because Vincent’s family have kept his website online I have decided to remove the link from this web page, in case it looks as if I am trying to claim Vincent’s work as my own.  I will restore the link if his family decide to take the website down in the future, but it is better that researchers access his website directly.

Please feel free to use this resource, but please also bear in mind that this was the work of a good man who died in tragic circumstances, and acknowledge the source in any published work.  It is fair to point out that there are a number of known minor errors in Vincent`s website, which he would have promptly corrected if he was still alive.  His family have chosen to preserve the website as it was at the time of his death, and I respect their decision.

Thank you to everybody who has expressed their sadness on learning the news.

Laurence Hammond

Canterbury, UK

24 May 2011 amended 30 August 2017


I have now been to Le Touquet, where I met Vincent`s family for the first time since his death and visited his grave.

I am very grateful to the Glon family for giving me Vincent`s collection of Moto Revue and Motor Sport aktuell. This should enable me to finish the book, which will be dedicated to Vincent.

Vincent and I had been corresponding and working together for more than two years when I drove to Le Touquet with my wife in 2005 to meet Vincent and Annick for the first time. It was a good experience to finally meet him in person. Returning to Le Touquet in these circumstances to carry out the last rites to a good friendship and working relationship was one of the saddest things I have ever done.

I visited his grave again while on holiday in France in 2016.

Laurence Hammond
18 June 2011  amended 30 August 2017


  1. Bonjour monsieur,étant moi-aussi très souvent en contact avec Vincent Glon (et donc très touché par son décès),je désirerais savoir ce qu’il va advenir de son site (c’est son fils Antoine qui m’a dit de vous contacter).Vous pouvez me répondre en anglais.
    D’avance merci.
    Bien cordialement.

    Goffin Vincent

    • Hello

      I have a copy of Vincent`s site on a CD, and the plan is to attach it to this page in due course, so that it will still be available for researchers, but only after a period of mourning has elapsed. I am sure everyone agrees that Vincent`s work needs to be preserved, but some people, not necessarily yourself, seem to be only interested in the site and not so concerned about Vincent himself. That is definitely the tone of some comments I have seen on an internet forum.

      Vincent`s death is a terrible blow. He was not only a dedicated researcher into the history of road racing but he was a good friend. At this time I think the second point is more important than the first, so can everyone please be patient. As far as I know the site is still online at its original address, and in the fullness of time it will also appear here. Thank you for your understanding.

  2. Vincent, the friend I never met,

    4 years ago, I contacted by mail Vincent to help him to settle the results of the criterium de l’ACO, held in Le Mans from 1961 to 1970.
    He created a dedicated page for this event. And later, when a photo gallery was added, he kindly posted a couple of pictures
    Almost every week, we took an opportunity to mail or exchange on motorcycling but not only. The search of informations or rider identification were carried out meticulously, but the general tune was pleasant and cheerful.
    For example he help me to identify a rider (Griff Jenkins) who was for years on a poster pined in my teen-ager room; (Race of the year with Weil,Hartle,Randle). You Laurence probably took part to this job…he spoke of “mon ami anglais”, you certainly are.
    Beginning of 2011, I wrote him with sadness, as I had just learnt incidentally Errol Cowan’s decease by the end of 2009.
    I was indeed trying to contact him (Errol) after the good times we had in Le Mans and Spa, and letter exchanges in the 1970’s
    Missed rendez-vous for ever.
    Vincent felt my disappointment and found some kind words to positive on life sense.
    Unfortunately, I also learnt Vincent accident incidentally on the net, on a lost thread of Auto sport motorcycling nostalgia a couple of weeks after it happened
    I had foreseen to visit him this summer in Le Touquet….
    The huge work performed must survive, and I am very satisfied you plan to continue the irreplaceable site.
    I found difficult to contact Vincent family so late. I feared as a biker to represent somewhere the damned machine.
    His wife and son must know that Vincent will remain for ever an example in the thoughts of many motorcycling enthusiasts .

    Best regards

    Denis Paineau

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