Progress report

In recent years I have not maintained this site regularly, mainly because time spent here could be better spent working on the book itself.  I was diagnosed with cancer in September 2015, and although I am now clear my future has to be considered to be uncertain.  My priority since then has been to complete the first draft, so that others would be able to complete the work in the event that the worst happened.  This is how the work has progressed to date.

Completed first drafts.  All years up to 1993, 1996-8, 2014-8.

Incomplete first drafts.  1999-2013.  I am now going back over these files, adding events from parts of the world I originally omitted.

2019 is being prepared as the races take place.

No file yet.  1994-5. Some 1994 results already typed and I will begin a new file shortly.

I am not far from completing the first draft, but I suspect it will take some time to finish the task.  I have been urged by several people to publish what I have done so far, but if I do that I will never complete the first draft.  When the draft is complete I intend to review and re-edit each year, and when I have reached World War I the plan is to open a website, publish these results and gradually build it up until the job is complete.  It all depends on me living long enough, but I am now cautiously optimistic.  I will have more free time to work on the book if and when I retire, but I have no immediate plans to close or sell my courier business.  If the cancer returns and I don`t survive hopefully my colleagues will make my work available in some form.

Please be patient.  If you have any specific queries I will answer them if I can.

Laurence Hammond   November 2018

PS.  To Monsieur D.F. from Paris.  I know you were trying to help, but bombarding me with corrections and suggested amendments from the early years was extremely insensitive and unhelpful in the circumstances.  I had only recently completed my radiotherapy and it left me feeling extremely ill, I was not sure if I would live much longer and I was in a race against time to complete the missing files from the 1990s.  The old files will be re-edited in due course and any errors which have been identified will be corrected.  It is impossible to be 100% correct about everything when the project is so large and much of the early source material is very incomplete.  If my work doesn`t meet your exacting standards it is better that you write your own book.  When I searched for you online I was unable to establish that you were who you claimed to be, so I am now more cautious about who I invite to join the project.  None of my other colleagues have ever been so pushy and critical.

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