Corrections to Vincent`s website. Page discontinued.

I have decided not to continue with this page.  So many small errors and possible errors on Vincent`s site have come to light and it would be too time consuming to list them all.  The viewer would need to have Vincent`s site in front of him at the time to make sense of it, so I feel that my energies would be better spent in finishing my book.  Vincent`s family have sealed his site as it was at the day of his death so I will respect that.  I am sure my book has at least as many errors in it.  It is not a reflection on Vincent, it is simply the consequence of the vast size of the subject and the even more vast amount of source material which needs to be sorted through.  Different sources often give contradictory information.

If you have any doubts about any of the information on Vincent`s site please leave a comment here, and I will let you know if I can add any detail.

Laurence Hammond

One comment

  1. Hello Laurence,
    on Your 1948 table I see a race at Rosenheim missing the date.
    It took place on 17. Oct. 1948 on a 3.3 km street course – the meetings name was Quer durch Rosenheim. Fastest lap was done by Georg Meier on a BMW. His average speed should have been 105.6 km/h.
    Only one week later on 24. Oct. 1948 the neighbour town Bad Aibling (about 10 km from Rosenheim) also held a motorcycle race
    on a 2 km street course. It was called Quer durch Bad Aibling and Walter Zeller (BMW) set the fastest lap (75.1 km/h).
    Both that races (Rosenheim and Bad Aibling) were one off meetings.
    Best wishes from Karlsruhe, Thomas.

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