We acknowledge the help given to us by the following individuals:

Johan Kuipers of Veendam

Hervé Morard of Bourg-en-Bresse

Claude Lambert of Tulette (former Swiss sidecar champion and world championship competitor)  Deceased.  A great friend to this project.

Harry Havelin of Dublin (M.C.U.I. official)

Larry Lawrence (former AMA Superbike / Supermoto Media Manager)

Marco Vasile of Salerno

Patrick Delli of Cheshire

Steffen Ottinger of Schönerstadt

Benny Pinners of Tubbergen  Deceased

Edward Youngs of York

Bo Eklund of Sweden

Larry Devlin (Isle of Man TT archivist)

Richard Morley of Chester (Former GP racer) http://www.motoparilla.co.uk

Bob Lawrence of Kansas

Luca Ciai of Rome

Andrzej Jakubaszek of Warsaw

Frank Verplanken of Nice

Edward Cunningham of Canada

Paddy Ewer of Pietermaritzburg  Deceased

Christine François of Blois

Geoff Willis

Herman Looman of Germany

Annice (VMCC librarian)

Miriam (CEV Buckler)

I have also received indirect contributions from Hans-Hugo Boecker, Erhard Haspelmann and Roudy Grob.

We have used a small amount of material supplied by Didier Mahistre, and we understand that he may not be totally happy about this. His work was so well researched it would have been absurd not to use it, but we did already have the core details of the results in question. We have also received small amounts of information from a number of people not listed above. Thank you to everyone who has contributed any information, however small.

No thanks at all to Adam Haraszti, a MotoGP reporter for Hungarian television. Help he promised did not materialise and when we helped him no thanks or acknowledgement was received.

Laurence Hammond



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