Pioneering events (motorcycles and tricycles) 1894-1901
We have good detail about some of these early town to town races, but details are more sketchy for others. We would like to receive any information about any event from this period.

15-16 May 1902 Circuit du Nord.
Can anyone identify the route of this event (run somewhere in Northern France). Auguste Bucquet (Werner) won the motorcycle class and Bardeaux (De Dion-bouton) won the tricycle class. We have no details of any other finishers.

27 July 1902 – Circuit des Ardennes at Bastogne
Léon Derny (Clément) won the motorcycle class. The second finisher also rode a Clément, but we do not know his name.

19-? August 1904 Stuttgart to Kiel race
Won by W. Struck (Puch). We have no details of any other finishers.

21-23 September 1906 Berlin to Dresden race
Carl Gassert (NSU) won the Over 3.5 hp class and Strobel (Germania) won the Under 3.5 hp class. We have no details of any other finishers.

1907, date unknown – Reims GP
Won by Dieudonnée, according to one source. Can anyone confirm that this event took place?


  1. Hello,

    I just found your website. Perhaps I may help you with some questions.

    The route of Circuit du Nord 1902.
    1st stage: Champigny, Gretz, Tournan, Fontenay,
    Coulommiers, Rebais, Montmirail, Etoges, Châlons-sur-Marne, Suippes, Rethel, Montcornet, Marle, Mont d’Origny, Saint Quentin, Vermand, Bapaume, Arras (238,1 miles
    2nd stage: Arras, Doullens, Frévent, Hesdin, Fruges, Fauquembergues, Wizernes, Saint-Omer, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Montreuil-sur-Mer, Abbeville, Eu, Dieppe, Forges-les-Eaux, Gournay, Gisors, Vernon, Rosny, Mantes, Mezières, Saint Germain (299 miles).

    source: A record of motor racing (page 149).
    I suppose the route for motorcyclists was the same as for cars.

    The book gives no detail of the motocyclists. According to the text there were 56 competitors. I have only counted 46 cars so there should have been 10 tri or bicyclists.

    Gerrit Stevens

  2. I have send some photos of Auguste Bucquet (my family) and newspapers (courses, pub…) Yes it is more easy for cars…
    Hope, the day you will have finish your book, you will send me a message.
    (Yes, I’m French, not a properly english !!! lol)

  3. The source: the circuit in the Ardennes by Guy Pierrard-Weyrich Editions -Neufchateau
    In the categories of motorcycles is derny wins in 3:29 4/5 and m47s before Elskamp second to 25 minutes and 35 minutes Arnott

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