Motorcycle Racing

I am currently researching and writing a book (in several volumes) detailing the history of motorcycle road racing at the top level, including full race results, from the origins of the sport in 1894 to the present day. I would like to thank the following for their friendly support and co-operation on this project:

Vincent Glon (1956-2011. See tribute page)
Pierre Deshorme
Otto Kuipers
Don Cox
Jan Lahner (1942-2013. See tribute page)
Olli Lampinen (c1941-2018.)
Vincent Goffin

David Chapman

John Robinson

Anyone who has ever tried to research the history of motorcycle racing will be aware that it can be a difficult subject. The available source material is fragmented, and becomes ever more obscure with each step backwards in time. The situation is very different for historians of car racing, where there is an abundance of easily accessible material for each historical era. The aim of this book is to do the same for motorcycle racing by bringing together information from the various available sources and to create a comprehensive database of results, before a large slice of the sport’s history is lost forever. It will take several years to complete the task in a way that does justice to the subject, and we invite anyone who feels able to contribute to this project to contact us.

Although we are seeking information about all eras and countries we are particularly interested in source material from the pre-war and early-post war eras, and from Eastern Europe, Spain, Scandinavia, South Africa, the USA, Canada and South America.

If you possess source material, particularly motorcycle magazines from any country, books containing tabulated results, race programmes, etc, or if you own copyright to relevant photographs, or can help in any way please contact me laurence@hammondlighthaulage.co.uk, or contact any of my correspondents via the email addresses listed on their sites.

Don Cox has sent me a consignment of his latest book `Circus Life`, subtitled `Australian Motorcycle Racers in Europe in the 1950s`.  This is a superb book, brilliantly researched and presented.  Don is handling sales of the book, and anybody interested should contact Don via his website www.circuslifebook.com

I would like to add thanks to Bengt-Ace Gustavsson, joint owner of the Svensk Racing website, for his assistance with Swedish results.

I am intending to close this site in the near future as it has largely served its purpose and it is complicated to edit.  I have now completed a first draft of the encyclopaedia and I am working on the final edit.  I have enough contacts on Twitter to be able to access further information but if you have any results I have missed please email me directly at laurence@hammondlighthaulage.co.uk

Thank you

Laurence Hammond

Canterbury, UK